Engaging Minds and Hearts- The need for ‘Big Collaboration’

This blog post has been written by Amer Haleem, Country Manager, Productized Services, Hay Group India

In my last post, I spoke about the first big challenge in achieving and maintaining engagement- Transparency. Just to give you a quick recap- the global business environment is evolving at an extremely rapid pace and there are six megatrends that are causing this change. To be successful, organizations have to keep up with this change and use it to optimize their growth. To cut to the chase, our new research identifies five key challenges that businesses will be facing over the next fifteen years:-

  • Collaboration
  • Agility
  • Transparency
  • Innovation
  • Productivity

Now that I’ve provided you with the mandatory brief introduction, I’m going to move on to the ‘collaboration’ megatrend and provide you with some quick tips to deal with this challenge.

The collaboration challenge

So here’s the thing. Globalization, coupled with digitization, equals quick change. Keeping up with that implies ‘never-seen-before’ levels of collaboration. Yes, we always knew that working together as a team is significant for success. However, now the process has to be even quicker and more seamless. ‘Big collaboration’ refers to bringing together teams, functions and organizations, as businesses look out to find solutions to the complexities that they face in the current work environment.  In this context, it is absolutely mandatory to involve the individual in the decision-making process.

So, we know that the ideal scenario is one where an organization establishes the right culture, platforms and processes and equips its people with the right skills to cooperate with one another. But, where do we stand at present? Close to half (44 percent) of employees say their teams aren’t adequately supported by colleagues elsewhere in the business and almost as many (43 percent) are critical of communication between departments. In fact, two in five (40 percent) do not feel that there’s a cooperative culture at their organization.

Now that the facts are in place, and they aren’t very optimistic, here are some solutions. A quick check list of some things that you can do to keep up with your workforce’s expectation:-

  • Embed digital tools to help people work together more effectively
  • Establish formal cross-company teams
  • Encourage communities
  • Consider introducing buddying and mentoring schemes
  • Encourage two-way knowledge sharing between older and younger generations
  • Analyse your employee survey results
  • Make sure you are asking the right questions in your survey
  • Formalize each individual’s role in making collaboration happen, whatever the level
  • Reward and recognize collaborative behaviour
  • Avoid celebrating alpha-type personalities who go all out to beat their targets
  • Make your top team lead by example

It’s a long list of measures and we know that it’s no easy task to put them in place. But, since this is one of the key challenges of the future- the right time to start is now!

To know more about these key megatrends and ways to deal with them, download our new e-report- Engaging Hearts and Minds. 

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