Engaging Minds and Hearts- Dealing with the only constant called change

This blog post has been written by Amer Haleem, Country Manager, Productized Services, Hay Group India

Change. This one word perfectly describes the current business environment and explains my reasons for writing this series of blog posts. I have spoken before about the megatrends that are changing the global business environment and through these posts, I try and provide a few solutions to the six major challenges that organizations are bound to face in the next 15 years. We’ve already spoken about collaboration and transparency and I’ll once again state the obvious- the solutions to most of these challenges is directly linked to ensuring your workforce stays engaged and enabled.

So, this time we focus on agility. They say that the only constant is change and this stands to be true, even in the context of the present fluid business environment. As organizations grapple with the megatrends, only those who keep up with them will survive. Change also paves the way to insecurity amongst the employees, as business goals, as well as strategies continuously evolve. Therefore, clear communication is absolutely mandatory. There is no denying that the pressure to continuously communicate in an environment which is constantly evolving is a tough battle to win- but if organizations are to meet their goals in the next 15 years, there is no scope for them to put this aside.

When we speak of agility, no one would deny that an engaged workforce is essential to adapt to change. An engaged workforce makes an organization agile. In an environment where solving problems promptly and making quick decisions is important- employees have to feel aligned with the company’s aims. You may think that training and dividing the decision making process are easy solutions. But the current situation clearly reflects that it isn’t as easy as that.

Consider this- 35% of the workers say their organization isn’t responding effectively to changes in market conditions and the business environment. I just spoke of training to cope with change. In that context, hear this. 62% of the employees are satisfied with the training they receive, but only half say that they’re given enough time to take advantage of it. And when we speak of communication- more than two in five workers don’t believe that their company communicates openly and honestly about change.

Clearly the numbers don’t look great. So, what can you do to transform your company into an agile organization? Based on our research, here is a glimpse into some of the measures that you can take to keep up:-

  • Reinforce the need for managers to provide ongoing training for their teams
  • Support and promote decision-making at all levels
  • Conduct regular pulse surveys alongside your annual employee survey
  • Assess your communications strategy around change and future company vision and goals
  • Analyze your structure for unnecessary approval layers that delay decision-making
  • Assess where digital tools can speed up decision-making and problem-solving

Agility can sometimes feel like an ambiguous challenge to deal with and it’s no easy task to constantly keep up with shifting goal posts. But, since this is one of the key challenges of the future- the right time to face it head on is now!

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